You may have been following comments and analyses of Pope Francis Praedicate Evangelium (Preach the Gospel), the Apostolic Constitution on the reform of the Roman Curia that was published March 19, 2022. It replaces Pope St. John Paul’s 1988 Pastor Bonus. I dedicated a Special to this document last weekend on my EWTN weekend radio program, Vatican Insider.

Questions have arisen about a number of aspects of the document. Here is a well-written piece by Ed Pentin in which he presents authoritative readings of and comments on Praedicate Evangelium: ‘Praedicate Evangelium’ Poses Problems, Some Church Analysts Warn| National Catholic Register (



Pope Francis entrusts the preparation for the meditations and prayers for this year’s Via Crucis at the Colosseum on Good Friday to families linked to Catholic communities and associations carrying out volunteer service and assistance.

By Robin Gomes (Vatican media)

Pope Francis has entrusted meditations and prayers of this year’s Good Friday Way of the Cross to families, the director of the Vatican Press Office, Matteo Bruni said in a statement on Thursday.

“On the occasion of the year dedicated to the family with which the Church celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, Pope Francis has entrusted the preparation of the texts of the meditations and prayers for the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at the Colosseum to a number of families linked to Catholic communities and associations for voluntary work and assistance. According to the chosen themes, some families will always carry the cross between the stations.” (Vatican photo: Pope Francis 2018)

Amoris Laetitia Family Year

Amoris laetitia is the post-synodal apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis addressing the pastoral care of families. Dated March 19, 2016, it follows the Synods of Bishops on the Family held in the Vatican in 2014 and 2015.

On March 19, 2021, the Church marked the 5th of the publication of Amoris laetitia, on the beauty and joy of love in the family.  On that day, Pope Francis launched the Amoris Laetitia Family Year that will conclude this year on June 26, with the 10th Meeting of Families in Rome with the Holy Father.

Way of the Cross returns to the Colosseum

On Good Friday evening, the Pope will preside over the liturgy of the Lord’s Passion in St. Peter’s Basilica. Later, at 9.15 pm, he will lead the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum.

For the past two years, the Pope’s Good Friday Way of the Cross was held in St. Peter’s Square because of the Covid-19 emergency. This year, with the infection slowing down, the candle-lit event is returning to its usual site.


Every year, the Pope assigns the meditations of the pious practice to a group, association or individuals to seek inspiration on the Lord’s passion from different perspectives.

Last year, the Good Friday meditations and prayers were assigned to children belonging to a scout group and to a parish in Rome. The children recounted the “great little sufferings” that accompany their daily life, from the fear of the dark to that of abandonment, the experience of their limits, bullying at school, quarrels with parents, to fear of the pandemic.

In 2020, the task was assigned to the inmates of a prison in Padua, Italy.  They spoke about the pain of a family of a murdered one or the daughter of a man with a life sentence; the suffering of the mother of an inmate and the hope of a priest accused and then definitively acquitted after 8 years; the responsibility of a prison educator, a catechist, a volunteer friar and a prison police officer.





O Christ crucified and victorious,

Your Way of the Cross is the summary of your life,

the icon of Your obedience to the will of the Father,

and the realization of your infinite love for us sinners.


It is the proof of Your mission.

It is the final fulfillment of the revelation and the history of salvation.

The weight of Your cross frees us from all of our burdens.


In Your obedience to the will of the Father,

we become aware of our rebellion and disobedience.

In You, sold, betrayed, crucified by Your own people and those dear to you,

we see our own betrayals and our own usual infidelity.


In Your innocence, Immaculate Lamb, we see our guilt.

In Your face, slapped, spat on and disfigured,

we see the brutality of our sins.


In the cruelty of Your passion,

we see the cruelty of our heart and of our actions.


In Your own feeling of abandonment,

we see those abandoned by their families,

by society, by attention and by solidarity.


In Your body, sacrificed, ripped and torn,

We see the body of our brothers who have been abandoned along the way,

disfigured by our negligence and our indifference.


In Your thirst Lord, we see the thirst of Your merciful Father,

Who desired to embrace, forgive and save all of humanity.

In You, Divine Love, we see even today, before our very eyes,

and often with our silence and complicity, our persecuted brothers and sisters,

decapitated, crucified for their faith in You.


Imprint in our heart, Lord, sentiments of faith, hope and charity,

of sorrow for our sins, and lead us to repent for our sins that have crucified You.

Lead us to transform our conversion with words

into a conversion of life and works.


Help us to preserve within us a living memory of Your disfigured face,

so that we may never forget the terrible price You paid to free us.


Crucifed Jesus, strengthen in us a faith that does not collapse

in the face of temptations; awaken in us the hope that does get lost

following the temptations of the world.


Preserve in us the charity that is not fooled by the corruption of worldliness.

Teach us that the cross is the way to the resurrection.

Teach us that Good Friday is the way to the Easter of light.


Teach us that God never forgets any of his children,

and never tires of forgiving us and embracing us with His infinite mercy.

But also teach us to never tire of asking Him for forgiveness

and believing in the boundless mercy of the Father.


Soul of Christ, sanctify us!

Body of Christ, save us!

Blood of Christ, inebriate us!

Water from the side of Christ, wash us! Passion of Christ, comfort us!

O Good Jesus, hear us!

Hide us in your wounds!

Do not allow us to separate from You!

From the evil enemy defend us!

In the hour of our death, call us!

And command us to come to You,

so that we may praise You with Your Saints forever and ever. AMEN.

(Original Italian translated by Fr. Tom Rosica, English language assistant to Holy See Press office: Photos from CTV coverage)