I had one of the most wonderful, heart-warming, inspiring days of my life today when a colleague from the Ave Maria conference and I went to Laski, about a half hour outside of Warsaw, to visit a center run by the Franciscan Sisters, Servants of the Cross, whose charism is working with blind children.

The center is hosting some blind children from Ukraine and I’ll tell their story on Monday. Sister Fabiana will tell us of her life in Ukraine, a total of 15 years at two different times.

I’ll also tell you about this beautiful center, its founding and its foundress, and offer many photos of the school, the sisters, the children at play and the wonderful, serene setting in part of the massive Kampinos forest.

The sisters’ foundress, Mother Elzbieta Roza Czacka, from a Catholic, aristocratic and patriotic family, became blind at 22 and, after various vicissitudes, discovered her true mission in life.

So tune in to that on Monday!


Because I have spent most of the week in Poland at the conference organized by the Ave Maria Law School and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University of Warsaw that was dedicated to Pope St. John Paul’s Natural Law and International Human Rights Legacy, I’ve not had time to prepare my usual VI program of a news segment, Q&A and an interview. My colleagues at EWTN are thus offering a “Best of” Vatican Insider this weekend! Thanks for understanding!

The days were wonderful beyond telling but also very long and I literally had no time to write a blog or prepare VI during the conference. However, I’ll be back to writing on Monday and will have a new Vatican Insider for you next weekend. Back to Rome tomorrow!

In the meantime, wherever you are, at home or on vacation, enjoy yourself and those you love!