Thursday, March 2, 2023


In this month dedicated to one of the world’s favorite saints, St. Joseph, there are a number of ways to get to know him better, honor him and to be in touch with him through prayer. I offer two of those ways in this column, the St. Joseph Rosary and the St. Joseph Novena. So much to learn about a man who is the foster father of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, yet we have not one word from him in the Bible.

                        ROSARY TO ST. JOSEPH

On the crucifix

O Lord, in order to honor St. Joseph as he deserves, Thou hast taken him body and soul to Heaven to Crown him with glory, thus signifying to the world, both visible and invisible, that Thou hast made Joseph Thy foster-father, the supreme steward of all Thy possessions.

Large beads

We beseech Thee, O Lord, that we may find aid in the merits of the Spouse of Thy Most Holy Mother, so that what we cannot obtain by ourselves may be given us through his intercession, who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Each decade

For each decade, it is customary to meditate on events in the life of Joseph:

Betrothal to Mary (Mt 1:18) –

Annunciation to Joseph (Mt 1:19-21) –

Birth and Naming of Jesus (Mt 1:22-25). –

Flight into Egypt (Mt 2:13-15). –

Hidden Life at Nazareth (Mt 2:23; Lk 2:51-52).

ALSO: Finding of Jesus in the Temple,”  ~ “Death of St. Joseph” –    “Coronation of St. Joseph in Heaven.”

Small beads:

Hail Joseph, Son of David, thou whose holiness surpasses that of all Angels and Saints, blessed art thou amongst men, thou who wert chosen to be the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary of whom was born Jesus.

Glorious Saint Joseph, now reigning body and soul in Heaven, protector of the Universal Church, pray for us poor sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

                      NOVENA TO ST. JOSEPH

There is also a wonderful NOVENA to St. Joseph. I find that the daily meditations could well be part of rosary reflections as well. Click here for full Novena or the day by day prayers: Novena to St. Joseph | EWTN

St. Joseph, Guardian of Two Hearts, pray for us! Make me your Third Heart!



The novena is designed to help Catholic Americans choose for whom to vote according to their conscience

The Knights of Columbus is urging its members and other US Catholics to pray a novena from October 30 to November 7, the eve of election day.

“The Church teaches that Catholics are called to form their consciences based on Church teaching and vote in accordance with that well-formed conscience,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, who is CEO of the international fraternal organisation based in New Haven.

“Pope Francis has said in reference to the US election that we should ‘study the proposals well, pray and choose with your conscience,’ and this novena is designed to help Catholic Americans do that,” Anderson said in a statement.

The Knights’ novena — nine consecutive days of prayer — asks for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus, under her title of the Immaculate Conception. Individuals, families, councils and parishes are all invited to participate, the Knights said.

Mary Immaculate is the patroness of the United States. In 1791, Archbishop John Carroll of Baltimore, the first bishop of the United States, dedicated his diocese to her. The first US diocese, it covered the entire country. In 1846, the US bishops reaffirmed that dedication and Pope Pius IX ratified it in 1847.

The text of the novena is as follows: “Most Holy Trinity: Our Father in heaven, who chose Mary as the fairest of your daughters; Holy Spirit, who chose Mary as your spouse; God the son, who chose Mary as your mother, in union with Mary we adore your majesty and acknowledge your supreme, eternal dominion and authority.

“Most Holy Trinity, we put the United States of America into the hands of Mary Immaculate in order that she may present the country to you. Through her we wish to thank you for the great resources of this land and for the freedom which has been its heritage.

“Through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on the Catholic Church in America. Grant us peace. Have mercy on our president and on all the officers of our government. Grant us a fruitful economy, born of justice and charity. Have mercy on capital and industry and labor. Protect the family life of the nation. Guard the precious gift of many religious vocations. Through the intercession of our mother, have mercy on the sick, the tempted, sinners — on all who are in need.”

According to the Knights, the prayer was written for the 1959 dedication of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, which includes a bell tower known as the Knights Tower. The Knights of Columbus donated money for the tower’s construction.