A little heads up on Pope Francis’ schedule for coming days…

Tomorrow, November 1, All Saints Day and a holy day of obligation in the Church, Francis will recite the Angelus at noon and, at 5:30 pm at St. John Lateran basilica, he will ordain permanent deacons. November 1 is a big holiday in Italy and the Vatican and many Italians took today off of work, creating a “ponte” or bridge between the weekend and the Tuesday holiday. Rome has seen huge crowds for weeks now and they are even bigger with the “ponte,” but the continuing beautiful weather has surely helped the travel scenario!

November 2, All Souls Day, the Holy Father will say Mass at 11 in St. Peter’s for the cardinals and bishops who died in the last year. At 12:30 he is scheduled to visit the Teutonic cemetery in the Vatican. It’s been a tradition of his to visit a cemetery on All Souls Day.

November 3 to 6 the Pope will visit Bahrain.


Pope Francis released his prayer intention for November, inviting everyone to pray for the millions of children who are suffering around the world, especially for those who are homeless, orphans, and victims of war.

By Vatican News staff writer

“An abandoned child is our fault,” says Pope Francis in the video prepared by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network announcing his prayer intention for November.

In the video, Pope Francis calls on Catholics to pray for children who are suffering due to rejection, destitution, poverty, and conflict around the world.

“There are still millions of boys and girls who suffer and live in conditions very similar to slavery,” the Pope said, emphasizing that these children are not “numbers” but “human beings with names and an identity that God has given them.”

Every marginalized child living without schooling, without a family, without health care, the Pope continued, is “a cry,” a cry “that rises up to God and shames the system that we adults have built.”

Every child has the right to access basic needs

The Pope continued by saying every child should have the right to access basic services and be able to feel the warmth and love of a family: “We can no longer allow them to feel alone and abandoned — they are entitled to an education and to feel the love of a family so they know that God does not forget them.”

One billion children living in poverty

According to UNICEF, one billion children currently live in “multidimensional poverty” — that is without basic access to education, health care, shelter, food, sanitation, or water; the agency also estimates that 153 million children are orphans.

Fr. Frédéric Fornos, S.J., International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, provided his thoughts on the November prayer intention, saying that this month, Pope Francis “opens our eyes, ears, and hearts to millions of forgotten children who suffer in silence on the streets and in hidden labour, victims of violence and war, migrants and refugees. In the face of indifference and impotence, we must pray.”

It is our responsibility, the Pope concluded in the video, that no child feels left alone or abandoned — “they are entitled to an education and to feel the love of a family so they know that God does not forget them.”

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