An interesting piece of news: Seems that Xi Jiping, president of China and general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, will be in Kazakhstan on September 14, the same day that Pope Francis will be attending the conference of religious leaders and is scheduled to say Mass.

UPDATE ON A PAPAL TRIP: The Vatican today released an updated schedule for the Pope’s trip to Matera on September 25 for the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress. The original schedule, released July 8, had an event for the Pope right after his arrival – a meeting from 9 to 9:30 am with refugees in the cathedral. Following Mass at 10 in Piazza Matteotti, the Pope was to go to the canteen of the Fraternity named after “Don Giovanni Mele” in Via Giacomo Racioppi for the blessing and inauguration of the new structure. Those two events have been removed from his schedule. He is still scheduled to say Mass.


On August 11, Pope Francis gave an interview to CNN Portugal, touching on a broad spectrum of topics, including his health issues, future travels (or not), sex abuse, women in the Church and more. That interview aired on Monday, September 5. No explanation has been officially given by CNN for waiting 3 weeks from the interview to the broadcast.

In addition to the Vatican News report below, here are some links to other stories dedicated to the CNN interview:

1.CNN – audio: Pope Francis declares ‘zero tolerance’ for Catholic Church abuse, saying he takes personal responsibility for ending it – CNN

2. This CNA story focuses on a fascinating remark made by Francis when asked by CNN if he would be going to Portugal for the 2023 World Youth Day. He replied by saying the Pope would be there – either him or John XXIV! When I heard that name, John XXIV, my first thought was: is Francis telling us what kind of man his successor should be? Pope Francis jokes that either he or John XXIV will attend World Youth Day next year | Catholic News Agency

3.(ANSA) – ROME, SEP 5 – Pope Francis said Monday he cannot yet travel to Kyiv or Moscow, as he would like, on doctor’s orders.  The Argentine pontiff has often declared his desire to travel to the two cities as part of Vatican peace efforts in the Ukraine war. He told CNN Portugal Monday that he is keeping up those efforts and was in constant touch with presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. Can’t go to Kyiv or Moscow on doctor’s orders says pope – English –

JFL: There seems to be some issue with translations from the Portuguese of the CNN interview about a papal trip to Kazakhstan. The ANSA story has the Pope saying he should not go to Kazakhstan per doctor’s orders : “I can’t go now because after the trip to Canada the knee’s recovery suffered a bit and the doctor banned me from going to Kazakhstan, but I kept in touch, on the phone, and I’ll do what I can.” However, other translations have him saying he should not travel anywhere before the trip to Kazakhstan. As I write, the papal trip is on.

ALSO: this piece starts “Pope Francis said Monday,” whereas the interview actually took place, as I said earlier, on August 11. I have not read anywhere why CNN waited weeks to broadcast the interview

The most complete translation from the Portuguese into another language that I have seen was a lengthy piece in Italian in today’s L’Osservatore Romano. There were many more details about each of the topics the Pope touched on.


In an interview with CNN Portugal broadcast on Monday evening, Pope Francis says the Church is suffering due to sexual abuse and abuse of authority and power by men and women in the Church. The wide-ranging interview also covers topics such as World Youth Day, the importance of dialogue, and Synod on synodality.

By Christopher Wells

Pope Francis emphatically repeated the Church’s commitment to “zero tolerance” when it comes to priests who abuse others, in an interview with CNN Portugal broadcast on Monday evening.

“I want to be very clear about this: Abuse by churchmen and churchwomen — abuse of authority, abuse of power and sexual abuse – is a monstrosity, because the churchman or churchwoman, whether priest, religious man or woman, or layman or laywoman, is called to serve and to create unity, to make grow, and abuse always destroys,” the Pope said.

“Abuse is a tragic reality of all times, but also of our time,” Pope Francis continued, noting that most abuse occurs in the family or in the neighbourhood and is found in sports, clubs, and schools. However, although only a small percentage occurs in the Church, the Pope said that even one case of abuse in the Church is a “monstrosity.”

In response to abuse, the Pope said it is necessary to recognize the reality of abuse in modern society; to ensure that abuse is other sectors, such as the family is not covered up; and for the Church to address abuse in the areas it is responsible.

The Holy Father reiterated the Church’s commitment to zero tolerance of abuse, saying “a priest cannot continue to be a priest if he is an abuser. He can’t.”

FOR ENTIRE REPORT: Pope: Abuse by men and women in the Church is a ‘monstrosity’ – Vatican News