Pope Francis is in Fatima, Portugal as I write and the television coverage has been riveting so far. I hope you take time during the 22 or so hours that the Holy Father is in Portugal to follow his 19th apostolic trip, and to that end, my only post today is a preview of “Vatican Insider” and my weekend guest-

If we want to give a spiritual bouquet of flowers to Pope Francis, we might do so by reciting the Rosary – perhaps a decade, perhaps five decades or maybe, over the weekend, all 20 mysteries, including, of course, the Mysteries of Light, the Luminous Mysteries.


My guest this weekend on Vatican Insider is Donna Orsuto, co-founder and director of the Lay Center Foyer Unitas in Rome, and president of the Center’s Board of Directors. A long time resident of Rome, Donna will tell us what inspired her to found this center, where it is located – in one of the most beautiful settings in Rome! – and what the Center does for its students.

I know Donna and the Center fairly well as there is an annual dinner for visiting presidents of Catholic Universities at which two members of the media and an ambassador speak. I’ve been privileged to speak at this dinner for the past several years.

Donna Orsuto, among other things, is a professor of spirituality at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, has written two books and many articles, gives retreats and is active in ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.

In our conversation, Donna and I spoke of the beautiful grounds on which the Center is located, and I promised I’d post some photos for our listeners, so here are just a few I took that day:


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