It is close to 8 pm. I had technical difficulties downloading the interview segment for my weekend show, Vatican Insider, and was about to start my blog when our doorman, Carlo knocked on my door (when they restored our building, the lovely carillon doorbell I had was removed and never replaced) to tell me the entrance to the building was being flooded by a leak from my apartment. This is not the first time, rather the 6th or 7th over the years, that this has happened!

There is a small balcony off my kitchen (the same for all apartments above me) where I have, among other things, my washer and dryer. There is a discharge pipe in the wall behind my washer that runs from the sixth floor down through my first floor apartment where it is supposed to be rerouted to empty into the conduits below the building.   As in all previous occasions, something blocks the water from continuing on to the pipes below the street, and it backs up onto my balcony!

We opened the door to my balcony and the entire floor is flooded and leaking through the floor to the entryway. Carlo is now on his way to all the other apartments to tell them they cannot use their washers or turn on the faucets in the kitchen etc. until a team comes (kind of a rotor rooter team) early tomorrow morning to repair the damage.

No time to write a blog – if there is a patron saint of plumbers, let’s invoke him!

I always try to look on the bright side of things, so I am grateful beyond telling that this did not happen while I was away!

Even though I won’t be able to wash the glass, I just may pour myself a Prosecco and find something to cook for dinner!

To quote a famous saying. “If life hands you a lemon, make limoncello!”