I am sure you have all seen footage of the massive bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy just before noon today, local time. Before I write further, I ask you to remember victims, survivors and all first responders in your prayers!

Since early afternoon I have been riveted to Italian TV coverage of this tragedy. The number of victims goes up by the hour: as I write (6:15 pm) that number is 35 but first responders continue to dig in the rubble. I have also seen some miraculous rescues of survivors – scenes like you’d see in an action movie! (photos Italian media)

Those of us who live in Italy and have registered at the U.S. Embassy occasionally receive emails when embassy officials feel they have information about an event that might affect us. It could be what to do in the event of an earthquake or similar event, information about an impending demonstration, etc. As far as I know, this procedure is in place at U.S. embassies worldwide. Here is what we received today:

EVENT: At approximately 11:30 a.m., a segment of the Morandi Bridge on highway A10 in the port city of Genoa, Italy collapsed leading to multiple fatalities and injuries. Transportation is impacted on both the A10 and A7 highways to the airport, with possible train track closures. Local authorities have advised that citizens stay away from the area as rescue efforts are underway. The vicinity of the bridge location has been evacuated out of precaution.

Location: Morandi Bridge, highway A10 in Genoa, Italy

Action to Take:
Avoid the area surrounding the Morandi Bridge and highway A10 through Genoa and monitor local media for updates on transportation closures in the city of Genoa.

U.S. Citizens are advised to contact their family and friends to advise them of their wellbeing. To report U.S. citizens impacted by the bridge collapse, please contact the American Citizens Services Unit at tel: 39 02-290351, or send an email to: