Tune in this weekend when my guest in the interview segment is Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu. As you know I spent part of my summer vacation in beautiful Hawaii, a place I’ve fallen in love with since my first visit in 2008 to cover the life and times of then Blessed Damein of Molokai who would be canonized in 2009. Subsequent visits were to report on St. Marianne Cope and the astonishing story of a man who worked with both Damien and Marianne, Brother Joseph Dutton. Some first steps are being taken to look into the life of Dutton and a possible cause for canonization.

Among other things, Bishop Larry talks about the renovation of the Honolulu cathedral and some big anniversaries for the Church in Hawaii – the 175th anniversary of the cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, the 100th anniverary of the death of St. Marianane and the 180th anniversary of her birth.

A little piece of trivia about the Hawaiian language: it has all 5 vowels but only 7 consonants – H, K, L, M, N, P and W.

Here are some of the photos I took during an evening visit to the cathedral with Bishop Larry and a priest friend from California. As you’ll hear Bishop Larry explain, there are wonderful plans to renovate parts of this old and lovely church, as well as to create a separate area, a mini chapel, if you will, to house the relics of Saints Damien and Marianne that are currently in the cathedral.

Our Lady of Peace –

Relics of St. Marianne and St. Damien –

I took the following two photos last summer before the altar was moved forward and the pews moved to face the altar.

As shown in this renovation plan, the pews now face the altar –

Here you can see what the cathedral will look like after cleaning and restoration –

The original altar is now behind a see-through screen which will be permanently removed: the current altar has been moved forward from its earlier position in the center of the church:

Bishop Silva’s grandparents were baptized at this font –

In this rendition, you can see the small side chapel that will be built to house the relics of Hawaii’s two saints –

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