As I wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, August 7, I said I’d be doing something that I probably had not done in 10 years and that would be to go outside of Rome for a weekend, actually a long weekend because I will return to Rome tomorrow about noon time.

I am in the seaside resort of Santa Marinella, about 35 or 40 miles north of Rome and one of the first things I did when I arrived was check online to see if there is actually a saint named Marinella. Apparently only this seaside town has that name there is no saint.

It has been a very relaxing stay, as I intended it to be – no deadlines, no rushing around, taking walks and watching people and the lovely scenery. I always enormously enjoy being close to – or preferably on – the water, and listening to the waves at night when I go to bed is such a beautiful, soothing sound to end a day.

Today I’m posting some photos I’ve taken in the past few days, a few of which I did already post online but you can enjoy seeing them a second time. I’ve walked along what is known here as the boardwalk and that is where I have taken a great number of these pictures.

From the hotel –  my room and the terrace where people sunbathe and where the Molo 21 (Pier 21) restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner):

It is not always possible but what I look for, what I love and prefer when I am going to take a break – be at a weekend or a month-long vacation – is a place where I can be near water – a lake, the ocean, the Mediterranean – and flowers and sunshine galore and all the beauty of God‘s creation.

There is a lot of that in Santa Marinella as you will see in the pictures. Some photos feature flora and fauna while others feature lovely villas, buildings that were once large family homes (and still may be) and yet others might have been divided into apartments, or even small hotels.

Some villas along the way:

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Flora and fauna:


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Then I just took some pictures of places along the Lungomare and the boardwalk – a hotel or a restaurant and you can tell what those are.

Enjoy your mini trip of Santa Marinella!

PS. Santa Marinella is not known for its wifi and internet, and you have NO idea how long it took me to upload and then insert these photos. I am praying this works when I hit PUBLISH!