I will try to find time today or tomorrow to post one of my summer “Specials,” a blog that takes the place of my daily reports when I am away on vacation. I’ve only been off 15 days in the last 20 months so am leaving Sunday for some time with family and friends and, who knows, maybe even a visit to EWTN! The last weekend of September, I’ll give the keynote address at a gala weekend celebration in Cincinnati of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. I am blessed to be a Dame of this Order and honored to have been asked to speak!

Following is the link to the weekly English-language edition of L’Osservatore Romano. There are some really fascinating stories and articles this week, including all of page 1 and page 4 and following on How the Paralympics came to the Vatican over a century ago! Some great photos! ING_2021_035_2708.pdf (


A heads up today to tell you that, as of Sunday, August 29, God willing, I’ll be away for a bit on vacation but my terrific colleagues and friends at EWTN radio will be preparing a “BEST OF” in my absence so sit back in coming weekends and enjoy a Special listening adventure.

This week, however, once again my guests in the interview segment are from the hugely successful crowd-funded TV mini-series on the life of Christ, The Chosen! Two weeks ago I interviewed Jonathan Roumie who portrays Jesus in this multi-year series. This week, in Part II of my conversation with Dallas Jenkins, writer, producer and director of The Chosen and Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, we hear more great stories, including where they are filming this exceptional series and how they discovered Jerusalem! Like Jonathan Roumie, both are men of great faith and even greater passion for what they are doing.

I observe in our conversation that the Bible stories, parables, miracles that are featured in The Chosen are often fairly short accounts in the Bible but become expanded stories in the TV series – expanded conversations, expanded circumstances, expanded scenery, so to speak. I ask: how is that done so that The Chosen remains faithful to the Bible? Listen to their answers! Believe me, you will be riveted by their stories and insights.

There’s also an unusual ending – as you will hear!

Here we are with Jonathan –

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