On April 26th, restaurants in Italy were finally allowed to open in the evening for dinner, though limited to serving people outside. Still, for most everyone – especially yours truly! – this was a huge step forward because the last time we were allowed to have dinner in a restaurant was October 2020!!

I had dinner at La Vittoria that very night! It was like life had returned to some kind of normal. I went earlier than usual and it was still light out.

For years I’ve had dinner every Friday night at La Vittoria, rewarding myself for a week of work that I always enjoy and always hope is well done! This past Friday – the first Friday since October! – I returned for my favorite fish dinner, ricciola as only Claudio or his son Leonardo can make it. I had to look the name in English – amberjack or yellowtail.   Described as somewhere between tuna and mahi mahi, it is light and buttery and so versatile as it can be baked, fried, broiled, etc. La Vittoria prepares it in a tomato sauce with miniature, very special olives that add a great touch.

What was so very special about last Friday was the good number of people out for dinner, including friends from the Roman Curia and North American College. To hear people chatting away, laughing, the clinking of glasses, was indeed a wonderful treat – Christmas in April!

The weather has not cooperated with restaurant owners this week – a few warm temps but a lot of clouds and some rain.

Today after Mass, I went to Homebaked for my usual (when Covid hasn’t closed places) Sunday brunch – terrific bacon, great French toast, coffee and a mimosa!

Special moments, people and places truly to be savored!