As Teresa Tomeo, co-host of this conference, has written on her website: “We are very excited to invite you to our new conference about how to Listen For God in the everyday experiences in your life – those “Godly coincidences” and the moments of being touched by the Holy Spirit in Scripture, prayer and all the special moments of your life. 50+ of the best Catholic speakers will give short talks about where you can hear the still small voice (and sometimes the not so small voice) of the loving Creator who always wants to guide us in life if we will listen.

Today’s the day the conference starts! You probably know that if you registered: Listening For God VIRTUAL Conference (

I have my own stories about how to listen to and for God and I join Teresa’s amazing contributors, friends and colleagues whom I like to call “Catholic notables.”

In addition to fascinating video by each of the 50+ contributors, there is a daily panel discussion. I posted the panel discussion guests for today and tomorrow in yesterday’s column. Here are Sunday’s guests:  

By the by, Teresa suggests considering a Premium Pass when you register that will allow you to listen to all the talks and panel discussions after the Conference and for the rest of the year.

Here’s a partial list of some of the talks on tap:

  • Listening For God Through Scripture
  • Recognizing the Interior Movements God Gives Us
  • Listening For the Will of God
  • The Saints Reveal the Voice of God
  • God Speaks to Us in Suffering
  • Forgiveness & Healing in Marriage
  • Listening to God in the Voice of the Unborn
  • The Power of the Rosary & How to Pray it More Deeply
  • Mary the Model of Prayer
  • Hearing God in Difficult Events
  • Iconography: Saintly Inspiration
  • Listening For God in Silence
  • Prophetic Voices in the Contemporary Church
  • Recognize the “God-incidences” All Around Us
  • Praying the Rosary Like Never Before
  • God is In Her, She Will Not Fall
  • Being Touched By an Angel