You probably heard the expression “God’s coincidences” when you read Teresa’s latest book, “Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to us.” This is the book, of course that inspired the “Listening for God Conference,” the virtual conference that takes place April 16, 17 and 18.

She speaks of God coincidences as those experiences that give us the chills or cause us to do a doubletake, those moments when our circumstances are just too coincidental to be a mere “coincidence.” That’s God calling us, talking to us.

And you will hear 50+ well-known media personalities and authors talk of their Godincidences, how and when and where and through whom God called to them, spoke to them.

And doubtless, their stories, their testimonies will make you remember such a moment, a person, an instance, an event in your life when you really needed God and He spoke to you, He was there for you

I have a story that will surprise you in Teresa’s book, and I appear at the conference this weekend as well, so be sure to tune in!

I spoke of this conference yesterday and will add more info tomorrow, the day it starts. In the meantime, you can register here: Listening For God VIRTUAL Conference (

By the way, in addition to listening to the speakers live and on demand, there will be three panel discussions:



Here is what Teresa wrote today to her friends, fans and conference registrants (current and future):

Pope Francis Insists “Getting Closer to God Starts With ‘Listening for God'”

Brothers and sisters, I see the words of the Pope this week, as another “Godincidence.” Now I realize the Pope has no idea about our upcoming virtual conference, but the Holy Spirit does. And I don’t think it is a mere coincidence that the Pope is encouraging us, through the example of my patron and favorite saint, St. Teresa of Avila, that it all begins by listening.

In his letter to the Bishop of Avila, as the diocese and the universal Church marks the 50th anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila being named a Doctor of the Church, the Pope stresses that in order to get with the God program we need to be great listeners.

“In order for our society to become increasingly human, and we can all live in the fraternity that comes from Father, it is a whole program to ‘listen to His invitation to enter us’ to find the Lord and thus to testify that “only God is enough.”

If you want to learn more about truly listening to and for God in your life, I hope you’ll join me and more than 50 speakers for our Listening for God Virtual Conference. Perhaps by attending this online event, we will also learn to be more like the great mystic, and as the Pope also said, “move heaven to earth” and make our lives a true dwelling place for God.




POPE ATTENDS FUNERAL MASS OF FORMER PAPAL ALMONER. Pope Francis, on Thursday morning, participated privately at the funeral Mass of Archbishop Felix del Blanco Prieto, held at the Altar of the Chair in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Archbishop Prieto died on 10 April at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital at the age of 84. He served as Papal Almoner from 2007 to 2012 under Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin presided at the Mass.

POPE TO RETURN TO STUDY WINDOW FOR REGINA COELI. Sunday, April 18, will see Pope Francis, once again reappearing at the window of the Apostolic Palace overlooking St. Peter’s Square, to lead the recitation of the Regina Coeli prayer with the faithful gathered in the Square. The fluctuating course of the pandemic and the precautionary measures taken by the Italian government to curb the spread of the virus, have resulted in the Pope connecting in many occasions with the faithful exclusively through the media from the library of the Apostolic Palace. Last year’s first lockdown kept the faithful away from Bernini’s colonnade between March 8 and May 24, with the Pope leading Sunday prayers via live streaming from the Library of the Apostolic Palace.

POPE FRANCIS: “BRAZIL’S COVID CRISIS HAS LEFT NO ONE UNTOUCHED”. In a video message to the country’s Bishops’ Conference, meeting in its 58th general assembly, Pope Francis urged Brazil’s bishops to help reconcile the nation and comfort the many people whose lives have been affected by the pandemic. Intended as a message for “all Brazilians,” the Pope said Brazil is undergoing “one of the most difficult trials in its history.” He expressed his closeness to the hundreds of thousands of families who have lost a loved one due to Covid-19. “Young people and elderly, fathers and mothers, health care providers and volunteers, Church ministers, the rich and the poor,” he said, “the pandemic has left no one untouched in its trail of suffering.” Brazil has confirmed over 13.6 million coronavirus cases and more than 361,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR CULTURE TO EXPLORE HOLISTIC PATH TO HEALTH.Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health” is the title of an international event that will bring together physicians, scientists, ethicists, religious leaders, patient rights advocates, policymakers, philanthropists and commentators to discuss the latest breakthroughs in medicine and healthcare as well as the human implications and cultural impact of technological advances. Jointly organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the “Cura Foundation” – an organization of healthcare experts whose mission it is to improve human health and increase quality of life globally, it will take place in a virtual format from May 6 to 8, 2021.  Detailed information can be found on the website of the Pontifical Council for Culture and at