After 10 days in California with my sister Gail and her family, I am now in Honolulu where I will spend time with some very good friends and, importantly, attend a meeting tomorrow in diocesan offices – a very important meeting about which I will write at a later date.

I called this column, “Pampered in Paradise” because that is exactly how I feel whenever I am in Hawaii. This is my ninth visit and yet, in so many ways, it also seems like the first time. I love to explore, to visit sites I know and discover new places as well.

I feel pampered with the slower pace of life here and the leisure time one has on a vacation to, as Hawaiians say, “hang loose.” If I were any more relaxed than I am at this moment, I’d have to invent a new word to describe it. I cherish the time I have to take leisurely walks along Waikiki beach, savor a prosecoo and delightful meal in places so beautiful you just want to prolong the meal time, or sit in a comfortable chair in the International Market Place, half indoors, half outdoors, half modern architecture, half botanical gardens – so special it has to be seen to be believed! Pix later

Yesterday I posted photos on Facebook of my delightful lunch at the Mariposa restaurant in the Nieman Marcus store at the stunning Ala Moana Shopping Center, near one of Honolulu’s many parks and marinas.

Here are some pix from lunch today at the Beach Bar Under the Banyon Tree at the wondrous, ultra luxurious Moana Surfrider Hotel. To stay here must mean to be really pampered!