No big news today – just two things about yesterday’s story on the ISS astronauts that I posted. I kept talking about 5 astronauts but only 4 were in the group photo – one of the Americans was missing.

I also forgot to post a copy of the photo they gave to the EWTN office – the Vatican and surrounding area seen from space. Can you see St. Peter’s dome?

I have followed all the instructions that wordpress has given me about enlarging photos but they have not worked so far.

Here are a few photos I took while Sergei, the Russian astronaut was being interviewed by EWTN on one of the terraces that belong to the media that has offices in this Vatican building on Via della Conciliazione.

(a non-work update: we are in day 11 of no gas! It was suggested I buy an electric hot plate but I should not have to do that! Something I’ll never use later on. Where is the gas company? Where is the Vatican on this – this is their building!)