As you know from a heads-up I gave you earlier in the week, these pages were quiet for a few days because of a week filled with many events, including, at the top of my agenda, filming ten more eipisdoes of “Joan’s Rome” videos over a period of several days.

In addition, I attended a number of dinners, including the wonderful annual Rector’s Dinner last night at the North American College. If I had to count how many of the 440 guests I knew – those who had flown in from the States for this gala event, countless friends who work at the Roman Curia, the seminarians at NAC, the rector and staff, etc. – I would have been surprised at the high number! One reason I always look forward to this event!

Hopefully I’ll have a slightly less busy and exhilarating weekend but even that might have to wait as I prepare for a dinner party I am offering Monday, in addition to meals and visits with some of the American friends visiting Rome.

I did post a few significant news stories on my Facebook page in an effort to keep you updated. Today, however, no news, just my usual Friday post about the Vatican Insider program for this weekend.


In place of the usual interview segment, I have prepared a special for this week’s edition of Vatican Insider on the Via Lucis, a beautiful post-Easter tradition that not enough people know about.

The Way of the Cross, the Via Crucis, follows the course of Jesus’ passion, death, and burial; it is observed, as we all know, by the devotion to the Stations of the Cross, a collection of 14 images found in virtually all Catholic churches.

The Way of Light, Via Lucis – also known as the Stations of the Resurrection – celebrates the most joyful time in the Christian liturgical year, the 50 days from Easter (the Resurrection) to Pentecost (descent of the Holy Spirit).

The idea for depicting the Way of Light was inspired by an ancient inscription found on a wall of the San Callisto catacombs on the Appian Way in Rome. But it was only in the 1990s that Salesian Father Sabino Palumbieri helped develop the idea to combine post-Resurrection events to create a new set of stations, the Stations of the Resurrection. This Way of Light, as it was called, thus serves as a complement to the Way of the Cross, and was fashioned of fourteen stations paralleling the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

All the Stations of the Resurrection are based on scripturally-recorded incidents contained in the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles – moments such as the Resurrection, Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus, Jesus appearing to the disciples in Jerusalem, Jesus forgiving Peter and commanding him to feed his sheep, the Ascension, and Pentecost. As with the Stations of the Cross, the devotion takes no fixed form, but typically includes for each Station a reading from Scripture, a short meditation and prayer.

This devotion has received formal recognition by the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

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