I arrived Washington, D.C. last evening to attend Friday’s inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, a day of history in the making as this is the first time Americans have said ‘no’ to politicians who had been running for the highest office in the land and choose instead a political outsider.

I will leave political discourse to others at the moment. However, I will say that what was important for me this year as I listened to and studied the two candidates running for the presidency, was electing a person who, in addition to improving the economy and the reputation of the U.S. abroad, etc. would protect life, traditional marriage and religious freedom – values that have been under attack and eroded in recent years.

Number One on my list of priorities as I voted was who the two candidates would name as future justices for the Supreme Court – and that left me only one choice. I felt (feel) that we needed to replace the late and great Justice Antonin Scalia as fast as you can say his name and only one person would do that. And I will witness his inauguration Friday.

Hopefully, in coming days I’ll be able to bring you some of the upcoming events via radio, photos and Facebook postings, including Facebook Live. I’ll make sure everything is charged to 100% – cameras, cell phone, etc. including my small, portable charger.

A packet of materials including passes and tickets to events was in my hotel room when I checked in a few hours ago. I was thrilled beyond words as I studied each document, ticket, ID card, map, etc. Here are some photos (although I’ll only publish some IDs and tickets after the event – don’t want to give anyone the chance to make a copy).



We are in section Green 12:


Yesterday afternoon I took a shuttle from Dulles Airport to IWP, the Institute for World Politics where my friend Kathy Carroll works. I was her houseguest last night and will be again after the inauguration as I stay in D.C. to participate in the January 27 March for Life!

John Lenczowski, a friend as well as the founder and president of IWP, was just leaving the building as I arrived so we spoke briefly. As we were talking, sirens, many, many sirens, could be heard coming towards us on 16th Street. About a dozen or motorcycle cops and several police cars preceded a seven-car motorcade and that was followed by additional cars and motorcycles.  John wondered aloud if the motorcade was for a head of State – or perhaps even Trump.

Turned out it was indeed the president-elect! He was in town for a huge dinner attended by donors, diplomats and future White House staffers, among others.

This morning, as Kathy and I drove in to D.C. from Virginia, there were plenty of signs of the big events – lots of police and security, some barricades were already set up (for example, in front of the Trump International Hotel, although I later learned that those barriers have been there since the hotel was inaugurated this fall), color bunting on some buildings and hundreds of portable bathrooms. A number of roads downtown will be closed tomorrow to all traffic for several days. In addition, many offices will close tomorrow for half, perhaps even the whole, day while all offices in D.C. will close Friday.

Thousands upon thousands of security people, police officers, National Guard members, etc. are already hard at work to guarantee security, many uniformed and large numbers in plainclothes. Phone carriers have increased their potential by 400% in the area of the Capitol as they know everyone in the vicinity will use cameras, videos, cell phones, etc. Hope that works as promised!

I’m counting on a lot of walking as broad areas around major events will be closed and taxis, limos, etc can only take us to within a number of blocks of the event.

I will be on EWTN’s “Morning Glory” tomorrow in the 7:30 am slot so tune in for that as, whatever I have to share about these days, I’ll bring to you tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll have time to write a bit tomorrow but don’t expect much on Friday – will try to post photos and do Facebook Live.

Whatever your feelings about our future president, he will be our president as of noon Friday. We wish him well and will pray for him because where he succeeds, we succeed. If he is great and does great things, we too will be great!