I wonder how many photographers have had a privilege like the one I had at dinner tonight! I attended Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz’ Mass of thanksgiving this evening for Poland’s newest Saint Stanislaus Papczyński in the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. Dinner for about 350 of the pilgrims in Rome for this canonization was provided at three restaurants near the basilica. We all had color-coded tickets for the restaurants.

My green ticket brought me to Tonnarello where I dined with two American priests whom I had previously met, Fr. Jerry McCarthy and Fr. Fred Bernardini, and many pilgrims including – and I only found this out later –  the families of the two people whose miracle cures led to both the beatification and canonization of Saint Stanislaus!.

After dinner Fr. Pakula, the Marian Fathers Prior General, arranged a group photo of the two families! I was extraordinarily privileged to shared this very special moment with Marie Romagnano of Med-Link, Inc. who is a Marian Fathers’ devotee whom you’ve seen on EWTN (she has a photography hobby) and several Polish photographers who had come to Rome for the canonization.

It is late but I do want to post this amazing photo. I’ll tell the stories of the miracolati later. (I do not know how to make the photo larger – will try to learn)


In this photo, the young blonde woman in the front row was the miracle for the beatification – her husband is in the back holding the youngest of their two children. Their first-born is the little boy in the front who is not looking at the camera.

The young lad to the left of Fr. Pakula’s left shoulder, the boy smiling broadly, is the miracle man for yesterday’s canonization. His younger brother is also in the front row.

One of the absolutely most astonishing things about both stories, about both people, about both cures is that the miracolati as they are called in Italian, are from the same parish in Poland!!