Friday the 13th!  Who would ever have guessed!

It became apparent to me about a half hour into getting on my computer today. I happened to choose – as we all do with great frequency- to select, as per an arriving notice, to update some programs. I’ve done that a thousand times but today my screen went black, the computer did not totally reboot and I now have a message on my screen that tells me Access to Windows (and just about everything else) is Denied.

Nothing I have tried has worked. Any friends with expertise were not available. I chose, therefore, to use a Toshiba notebook I have not used in quite some time and am having a fair amount of problems with that as well, including the total inability to create a file and then attach it to email.

This meant, among other things, that I could not record “Vatican Insider” segments and get them to my radio colleagues at EWTN.  So this week will be a re-run, a “Best of” program.

As I write I am enlisting help from another colleague to access and then post on my blog. If I cannot post from here, I will ask her to post what I send via email and, if possible, to include the NEWS.VA story about the upcoming Catholic education congress.

UPDATE: You may view the news article here: http://www.news.va/en/news/educating-today-and-tomorrow-a-renewing-passion-fi

Thank for being understanding!  Have a great weekend!